Finally, we are free walking under the sun the ordinary has become luminous on a country road lined with trenches— where are we? France, Vietnam, Cambodia?— pairs of rubber gloves are lined up on their lips turquoise blue, fuschia pink yellow dots on black, water green neatly laid one on top of the other like […]


Despite the heart-wrenching news I told myself, In spring you must believe. You no longer know if it’s tears or rain Pouring down the window panes. Resurrection? Just a word As empty as the tomb. Angels Have no humour, not being familiar with Bedroom frolics and the pungent Whiffs of lovely haired pineapple Lilies. Despite […]

Listen to the wind and know

This morning, immediately upon waking from a dream, I wrote a poem, about the distance between us I guess. I gave it to Jennifer K Dick’s friendly Self-Quarantine Lines blog. And I included a photo I took today on my balcony of my old bamboo wind chimes, hung in the small pomegranate tree.

Into the Turning

Into the Turning – Emptyfull Poetry / Dans le tournant – Poésie du rienplein Poems by Amy Hollowell and Sabine Huynh (in English and French). Book written during a writing residency at the Factorie / Maison de Poésie in Normandy (France, April 2019), around the notions of Buddhism and Zen such as Amy Hollowell and […]

Connivences 2 – Lives, Beyond The Walls

Connivences 2  (Sabine Huynh, Sabine Péglion & Robert Lobet) Lives, Beyond The Walls: poem by Sabine Huynh, included in the bilingual English-French artist book Connivences 2, preceded by the poem The Wall, by Sabine Péglion, & the introduction titled How The Sabines Met (Sabine Péglion). English translation by Sabine Huynh. Drawings by Robert Lobet. Published […]

On Different Time Planes

  For a week I went to bed knowing she’d called forgetting she’d left her voice in that space between us.   “I’m calling randomly not knowing the time difference ignoring where you are.”   When I was ten you bought me a piano you played it so well while what I wanted the most […]

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