On Different Time Planes

  For a week I went to bed knowing she’d called forgetting she’d left her voice in that space between us.   “I’m calling randomly not knowing the time difference ignoring where you are.”   When I was ten you bought me a piano you played it so well while what I wanted the most […]

Old Love Trapped in a Pasty

  After all that time I could have ended up thinking I had invented you, but I dived and found your old letters from Cornwall. Glued together they form a lifebelt which inflates when I sigh. Desperately warm was the microclimate on the Isles of Scilly, but once back in cold London, I took a […]

Lady Di Died Yesterday

  Imagine, it’s morning, my rusty Raleigh hissing with anger, sliding on Station Road, darting along by red-eyed Cambrians who are crying for Lady Spencer.   If nothing ever changed the trains would have run late, but that day the tea-lady shook her old wig no. Punting was only for tourists and undergrads; writing, grading, […]

A Bouquet of Ephemerals

  On your first day among us, you ate my Barbie doll. I cried when I saw the pink leg sticking out of your mouth, without knowing it would only be a few years until I buried that one-legged doll with you.   Born a Saint Bernard you felt at home among our garden blooms. […]

Invisible Mothers

  Moriana: where they are from their mothers’s shadow is a sheet of tracing paper on either translucent side a mother and a daughter can neither be separated nor look at each other. *   Argia: where she is from mothers have no warmth no smiles no skin nothing that makes them seem mothers except […]


  It’s in hunger that I write best about you, mother when you don’t look above my shoulder presentable you are absent or else you appear your mad gaze searching for my readiness to admire but I was not born to approve of you, mother.   It’s in hunger that I remember best how your […]

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