Invisible Mothers

  Moriana: where they are from their mothers’s shadow is a sheet of tracing paper on either translucent side a mother and a daughter can neither be separated nor look at each other. *   Argia: where she is from mothers have no warmth no smiles no skin nothing that makes them seem mothers except […]


  It’s in hunger that I write best about you, mother when you don’t look above my shoulder presentable you are absent or else you appear your mad gaze searching for my readiness to admire but I was not born to approve of you, mother.   It’s in hunger that I remember best how your […]

The Grandmother of

  Who knows my grandmother? Who remembers her? asks the girl who doesn’t have memories to remember her for. All that is left of her is that she is the grandmother of the girl.   Of course there have been words too narrative attempts to tell the separation the dreams the unknown death in an […]

Two Poems for Uri Orlev

You Were Looking for Tidy Children’s Bedrooms  The sirens howl for two minutes   pensive silence in your eyes limbs and birds immobile like in freezing winter although we are in April   One minute for six millions stars in heaven one minute for five millions moving in orbit around them two minutes to think […]

My Dad and Bowie

  Do you remember a guy that’s been is how one of my dad’s favourite songs starts off. I remember you telling me that I wrote a lot about my mother and never said a word about him. But if I told you everything I know, all the sordid details, like Bowie you’ll sing Oh […]


  Lying awake at night I tried to remember the sound it made when it fell from the tilted glass shelf above the hotel room sink, and how many times it bounced before disappearing into dark guts the receptionist — hands in white disposable latex gloves — searched in vain for half an hour after […]

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